2018-Jan-29 --- Groovy Scripted Mapping using StreamingMarkupBuilder
2017-Jul-09 --- Content Modifier to Get Input/Set Output using Type Constant, XPath, Expression, Header, Property and Externalized Parameters
2017-Jul-07 --- Debug/Logging Headers, Properties, Payload Body using Groovy Scripts
2017-Jul-04 --- Simple Hello iFlow using Sender SOAP Adapter, WSDL and Mapping Step
2017-Mar-21 --- REST Lookup using Java Mapping or UDF
2016-Apr-27 --- SAP PGP Encryption module Reuse PGP key with Signature and Encryption
2016-Apr-27 --- SAP SFTP Receiver Adapter with Dynamic Filename
2016-Apr-12 --- TrustedCA import cert to solve PKIX path building failed error
2016-Apr-11 --- Seeburger PGP Module to Sign and Encrypt Payload
2016-Apr-11 --- Seeburger SFTP Receiver Adapter with Dynamic Filename
2016-Feb-19 --- SAP PI Custom Module PayloadAddBOMBean Development
2016-Jan-13 --- SAP PI Custom Module DynamicFileNameBean Development
2015-Dec-28 --- Manually Wrap Concur REST Response XML to follow SAP PI Message XML namespace
2015-Dec-28 --- Message Staging and Logging in AAE
2015-Oct-06 --- SAP PI ESR Simple Query Documentation using Powershell
2015-Oct-02 --- SAP PI Directory API Documentation using Powershell
2015-Jul-10 --- Collection of What’s new in SAP Process Orchestration
2015-Jul-07 --- ASync/Sync Bridge File-RFC-File using Modules at Receiver Adapter
2015-Jul-06 --- ASync/Sync Bridge File-RFC-File using Modules at Sender Adapter
2015-Jul-05 --- SOAP2SOAP – Sync Sender SOAP to Sync Receiver SOAP Currency Web Service
2015-Jul-04 --- SOAP2RFC – Sync Sender SOAP to Sync Receiver RFC
2015-Jun-27 --- Collection of PI/PO Sync-Async/Async-Sync Bridge with BPM or with module
2015-Jun-23 --- JAVA Mapping Simple FirstName LastName to FullName using SAX
2015-Jun-23 --- JAVA Mapping Simple FirstName LastName to FullName using DOM
2015-Jun-23 --- JAVA Mapping One-to-One Source-to-Target using SAX
2015-Jun-23 --- JAVA Mapping One-to-One Source-to-Target using DOM
2015-May-17 --- UDF Basic Building Block
2015-Mar-09 --- BPM – Simple iFlow to BPM to iFlow and Calling Operation Mapping in BPM
2015-Feb-28 --- Enterprise Integration Patterns – Stateless – Content-Based Router
2015-Feb-25 --- Enterprise Integration Patterns – Summary
2015-Feb-24 --- SOAP Adapter – SOAP2FILE using SOAPUI, NWDS, iFlow and ICO
2015-Feb-23 --- Simple File To File with Dummy Interface using NWDS, iFlow and ICO
2015-Feb-23 --- SAP PO AEX Java Only Integration Flow (iFlow) and Integrated Configuration
2015-Feb-23 --- NWDS – Initial Setup to Make It Run
2015-Feb-13 --- EDIFACT DESADV and X12 856 from IDOC DESADV Basic Type DELVRY03
2015-Feb-06 --- EDIFACT DELFOR and X12 830 to IDOC DELINS Basic Type DELFOR02
2015-Feb-03 --- EDIFACT ORDERS and X12 850 to IDOC ORDERS Basic Type ORDERS05
2015-Jan-27 --- UDFNodePool – Difference and Similarity between useOneContextAsMany and createMultipleContextCopies
2014-Dec-19 --- ccBPM – Merge Two Files into One File using Fork, Correlation and Transformation
2014-Nov-01 --- SD Customer Master Record
2014-Oct-18 --- SD Sales Document Types + Item Categories + Schedule Line Categories
2014-Oct-18 --- SD Table
2014-Oct-14 --- SD Enterprise Structure
2014-Sep-28 --- JDBC Adapter – SourceDB Send Table to XML format and Receive to TargetDB
2014-Sep-26 --- JDBC Adapter – Deploy SQLite JDBC Drivers in PI 7.31 using JSPM
2014-Sep-22 --- Table Relationship among NAST, CMFP, EDIDS and ARFSSTATE(SM58)
2014-Sep-18 --- Convert Two Flat Recordset to One Nested Recordset Using createMultipleContextCopies
2014-Sep-18 --- File Adapter – Sender – Convert Multiple Fixed Length Structure to XML Using Key Field Name
2014-Sep-08 --- File Adapter – Sender – Convert Single Fixed Length Structure to XML
2014-Sep-08 --- File Adapter – Sender – Content Conversion to Convert CSV file to XML
2014-Aug-27 --- UDFNodePool – contextHasOneOfSuchValues
2014-Aug-27 --- UDFNodePool – fragmentSingleValue
2014-Aug-16 --- UDFNodePool – createMultipleCopies
2014-Aug-16 --- UDFNodePool – deleteMultipleContextValues
2014-Aug-16 --- UDFNodePool – suppressMultipleContextValues
2014-Aug-06 --- UDFNodePool – splitValueStringToContextValues and getValueByIndex
2014-Aug-06 --- UDFNodePool – concatToOneQueue and concatContextValues
2014-Aug-05 --- UDFNodePool – assignValueByCondition and getFirstContextValue
2014-Aug-05 --- UDFNodePool – passIfHasValue
2014-Aug-05 --- UDFNodePool – createIfHasOneOfSuchValues
2014-Aug-05 --- UDFNodePool – createIfHasValue
2014-Aug-04 --- UDFNodePool Function Library
2014-Aug-03 --- First Step in Learning EDI (based on my experience)
2014-Aug-02 --- Different between Sort and SortByKey
2014-Jul-28 --- collapseContext and formatByExample to Convert Flat Structure to Tree Structure
2014-Jul-28 --- useOneAsMany Explained in Easy Example
2014-Jul-27 --- Handle Empty Context with mapWithDefault
2014-Jul-26 --- Simple Mapping to Combine Firstname and Lastname to Fullname
2014-Jul-25 --- Search for IDOC Based on Content Criteria
2014-Jul-24 --- Key Capabilities of SAP PI
2014-Jul-23 --- Simple Any File To File Scenario In ID Only Without ESR Objects