createIfHasOneOfSuchValues will produces empty value when the first argument has one of the values passed as a constant in the second argument (separated by a semicolon); ResultList.SUPPRESS otherwise.

Source message type and target message type:

Source data and target data:
If source message col1 is with value ‘B’ or ‘D’, will create node ‘row’ and copy col1 to target message.

mapping for field row:
If is value ‘A’,’C’,’E’, is not one of values ‘B’ or ‘D’. become SUPPRESS. SUPPRESS will not create node “row”.
If is value ‘B’, ‘D’, matched with constant “B;D” specified in 2nd parameter, so created empty string “”. Empty string will create node “row”.

mapping for field col1: 1 to 1 direct mapping.

UDFNodePool – createIfHasOneOfSuchValues

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