Content-based router is a pattern to route messages to different receivers, based on content from message.

File R1_AAA.txt have first column with value “R1”, then route this message to receiver BC_R1
File R2_BBB.txt have first column with value “R2”, then route this message to receiver BC_R2


Major steps:

Create iFlow “IF_Content_Based_Router” like below. The focus here is the Recipient List. For other configuration detail like the file adapter, please refer previous post. It is same concept.

Click Recipient List, then edit the properties at below. Create 2 routing rules using Xpath:

The namespace will be automatically filled in, probably is get from the sender service interface.

Saved, Activated and Deployed iFlow “IF_Content_Based_Router”. We’re done the steps.

Now go to integration directory, you will see ICO created:

2 Receiver, xpath condition is here:

2 Receiver Interfaces:

2 Outbound Processing:

Reference: | Defining Content-Based Routing | Defining a Recipient List |Defining Conditions

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Enterprise Integration Patterns – Stateless – Content-Based Router
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